Meet our Therapists

Beth Venable, MS, LPC – Upstate FORT Founder and Therapist
(864) 710-0391

Beth is passionate about serving youth, adolescents, adults, couples and families who are struggling with difficult adjustments, mood disorders, anxiety, grief, developmental delays, and conflict. These issues may be rooted in more complex mental health issues, in life transitions / experiences, or family traumas. Her personality is lighthearted and open. She enjoys working with diverse clients.

Beth’s training includes a specialization in couple and family counseling, as well as specific skills and methods to best support children and adolescents. Several years as a parent coach and educator support and inform her perspective. She uses art and play based methods in evaluative ways.

Working in residential treatment settings for over ten years introduced Beth to the power of using experiences and adventure in treatment planning and delivery. After initial intake, and pending safety, clients are offered adventure based counseling alternatives in her practice.

Read Who We Are for more information about Beth and the inspiration to create Upstate FORT as a community organization.

Nicole Grimm, MA, LPC – Therapist
(864) 643-5498

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and art therapist, Nicole creates a safe, welcoming environment that will enable clients to create positive change in their life, family and community.

Working together with clients, Nicole engages in a variety of evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions, including art therapy, to help clients thrive and fulfill their life goals.  To make life changes, awareness, courage and positive actions are needed.  Through the process of creating art in therapy, skills linked to courage and taking action are practiced and refined.  As counseling is not an art class clients do not have to be artistic and create a masterpiece.  Making art in session is often soothing, comforting and gratifying.

Nicole believes everyone is unique.  As such, some people are suited for art therapy and others find talking more beneficial.  To accommodate everyone she uses an integrative combination of techniques, such as cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment therapy, in addition to art therapy.

Nicole is dedicated to not only helping others, but also in creating a better community and world.  To this end, she is invested in the local arts scene and is an active ceramic artist.  She is also a gardener and involved in the farm to table food movement.

Nicole has over ten years experience counseling both children and adults.  She work with individuals and couples dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, career choices, student adjustment, academic challenges, parenting struggles and relationship problems.  Whatever the concern, she is passionate about helping clients live a full and dynamic life.

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