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A Therapeutic Experience

We often get asked if the FORT in our name is an acronym. We may have a slight geeky obsession with acronyms, so…Yes! FORT stands for Family Oriented Recreation and Therapy. This reflects the two main tracks of our services: Recreation experiences, and Therapeutic… Continue Reading “A Therapeutic Experience”

Cultivate Them Well

In his book Brainstorm, Dr. Dan Siegel talks describes adolescence as a time to be cultivated well. But, parenting an adolescent is hard, y’all! Really hard. They often leave parents asking which kid is real. The one who still wants a cuddle, or the… Continue Reading “Cultivate Them Well”


Registration opens today for our Intro to Mountain Biking program in partnership with the City of Clemson Parks and Rec department. We could not be more excited as we anticipate meeting new kids and watching them acquire a new skill set that will last… Continue Reading “#MoreKidsOnBikes”

Wounded Knee weBEASTs

Last year we teamed up with like minded friends and started an informal club for young mountain bikers. We call this group weBEAST (I’m a sucker for a good acronym – Biking Experiences And Skills on Trails). The goals were simple: get out and… Continue Reading “Wounded Knee weBEASTs”