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Bike Basics

Recently, we have heard several questions from parents considering signing their kiddos up for the Intro to Mountain Bike sessions. Please consider this “take 2” on sharing information about what is needed to learn the basics: Will my child’s bike be OK for the… Continue Reading “Bike Basics”

A Forest Full of Trees

Over the past couple of weeks it has been an incredible privilege to meet with folks from several different entities within our Clemson Area “bubble” to talk about programs for youth and families and share perspectives about what might be beneficial for our community… Continue Reading “A Forest Full of Trees”


Registration opens today for our Intro to Mountain Biking program in partnership with the City of Clemson Parks and Rec department. We could not be more excited as we anticipate meeting new kids and watching them acquire a new skill set that will last… Continue Reading “#MoreKidsOnBikes”

Wounded Knee weBEASTs

Last year we teamed up with like minded friends and started an informal club for young mountain bikers. We call this group weBEAST (I’m a sucker for a good acronym – Biking Experiences And Skills on Trails). The goals were simple: get out and… Continue Reading “Wounded Knee weBEASTs”

The Confluence

In June 2016, Drake and I were standing in the middle of the footbridge that crosses the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina on NOC’s campus (where Drake worked for over ten years, back in the day). We were reveling in the joy of… Continue Reading “The Confluence”