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Hub and Spokes

The center of a bike’s wheel, where it attaches to the frame is known as the “hub.” Spreading out from this hub are a series of thin metal rods known as the “spokes.” The spokes serve as connection points to the outer rim of… Continue Reading “Hub and Spokes”

Regulating Emotions

Think about the last time you were face to face with a child or teen overwhelmed by emotion. For that matter, think about the last time you might have felt that way. What did it take for the turbulent seas of emotion to become… Continue Reading “Regulating Emotions”

The Growth Zone

The first few times I went mountain biking I came home with a bruised up backside and an unrelenting question of, “Why do people do this to themselves?” In an effort to keep me more comfortable, my husband installed a new seat on my… Continue Reading “The Growth Zone”


We generally like to focus on getting more kids on bikes, because there are just SO many great reasons to ride in addition to a wealth of benefits. But, as parents of an only child who happens to be a girl, we are also… Continue Reading “#moregirlsonbikes”

Bike Basics

Recently, we have heard several questions from parents considering signing their kiddos up for the Intro to Mountain Bike sessions. Please consider this “take 2” on sharing information about what is needed to learn the basics: Will my child’s bike be OK for the… Continue Reading “Bike Basics”