Adventure Therapy Group Teen Girls

In 2020 we have seen an increase in severity of symptoms of depression and anxiety. This has been especially true in the demographic of teen girls. Whether this is specific to life changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic or due to other circumstances is not empirically known. However, there seems to be a correlation between a decrease in actual connection with others and the increase of features of depression and anxiety. Further complicating this circumstance is the developmental stage in which privacy and avoidance of vulnerability are in direct conflict with learning to reach out and relate to the unique concerns of others.  

Using an adventure therapy* modality, this group will aim to:

  • Foster connection to others experiencing similar struggles (identification and affirmation)
  • Encourage active listening and positive communication habits (present and connected)
  • Model and teach self-advocacy skills and authenticity (perspective and feedback)

This group will be a process group. Process groups are moderated by a therapist, but their real power lies in the relationships that develop between group members who can empathize while also offering their unique perspective. Confidentiality is key to these types of groups, because it allows for trust and openness as the group develops. Personal cell phones will be collected and safely stored during group sessions.

Beth Venable, MS, LPC

Group profile: 
Teen girls between the ages of 13-16. Must be a South Carolina resident. 6-10 participants. Must maintain a minimum number of 6 participants.

Date / Time:
Wednesday evenings at 6:00 beginning January 13th. Will break with the Pickens County School District calendar. There is an attendance expectation of at least 3 group sessions per month.

All sessions will take place within a 15 minute drive of downtown Clemson.

Fees / Related Expenses:
$60 per person per session. Possible additional fees related to appropriate clothing for outdoor activities and/or the activities themselves. For example, if the group were to integrate rock climbing into a session there may be fees for the rental of space or equipment. Participants with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance can submit insurance information for eligibility. All participants may request a superbill for reimbursement.

*What’s this adventure therapy business? 
Adventure Therapy is a specific delivery modality and still. By definition, it is the prescriptive use of adventure activities (can be both indoor and outdoor) to facilitate a therapeutic process or meet a therapeutic goal. For example, an outdoor low ropes activity might be used to identify communication patterns and develop new communication skills. Or, a climbing activity might help a client identify their body’s natural response to stress and then allow for exploration of how that same response shows up in everyday life.

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