A Therapeutic Experience

We often get asked if the FORT in our name is an acronym. We may have a slight geeky obsession with acronyms, so…Yes! FORT stands for Family Oriented Recreation and Therapy. This reflects the two main tracks of our services: Recreation experiences, and Therapeutic mental health services. When we say “Family Oriented” we are reinforcing both our family friendliness and the philosophy that all individuals exist within systems or communities integrated with their health and well being.

Our mission is to foster empowerment and connection through adventure, recreation, and therapy. For a client seeking mental health services, this means evidence based methods of treatment along with experiential options to enhance and deepen their process. Clients are empowered to choose their level and type of engagement, including traditional in-office counseling, adventure therapy (indoor or outdoor), and art therapy.

Learn more about our Therapists below:

Beth Venable, MS, LPC/I – Upstate FORT Founder and Therapist

Beth is passionate about serving youth, adolescents, adults, couples and families who are struggling with difficult adjustments, mood disorders, anxiety, grief, developmental delays, and conflict. These issues may be rooted in more complex mental health issues, in life transitions / experiences, or family traumas. Her personality is lighthearted and open. She enjoys working with diverse clients.

Beth’s training includes a specialization in couple and family counseling, as well as specific skills and methods to best support children and adolescents. Several years as a parent coach and educator support and inform her perspective. She uses art and play based methods in evaluative ways.

Working in residential treatment settings for over ten years introduced Beth to the power of using experiences and adventure in treatment planning and delivery. After initial intake, and pending safety, clients are offered adventure based counseling alternatives in her practice.


Nicole Grimm, MA, LPC – Therapist

Nicole is a Licensed Professional Counselor and art therapist.  Nicole has over ten years experience providing evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions, including art therapy, to both children and adults.

Nicole creates a safe, welcoming environment that will enable you to create positive change in your life, family and community.  She often uses art therapy to help generate awareness, mindfulness and well-being.  Through the process of creating art in therapy, skills linked to courage and taking action are also practiced and refined.

As some people are possibly less suited for art therapy, she also uses other techniques as well, such as cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Nicole works with individuals and couples dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, career choices, student adjustment, academic challenges, parenting struggles and relationship problems.  Whatever the concern, Nicole will be passionate about helping you live a full and dynamic life.


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