Discovering Your Brand

I was fortunate enough to start the day with my friend, Libby Imbody of Walhalla Artworks. Libby has been helping to develop the brand for Upstate FORT by taking all of our words and turning them into images. It is an amazing process.

When Drake and I started imagining Upstate FORT we carried over our family’s values of Community, Integrity, Compassion, and Adventure, because we want these aspects to be represented in everything we do. As a company, this translates to positive youth development, emotional and physical development, being whole family oriented, and enjoyment of our local natural resources through play and creativity. As Libby described choices for fonts and colors she talked about motion and heart, balance and clarity.

Driving home from our meeting (at Brews on the Alley in Seneca – yay local!) I thought about the process of developing a brand that reflects your beliefs, values, interests, and intentions. What if every family engaged in this process?

What would your family’s logo look like?

What colors, fonts, shapes, and images would best reflect the things you most treasure about being a family?

How would you integrate this into daily, weekly, annual living?

Libby is coaching me through this process, listening and reflecting our mission and vision. Likewise, I do this work with parents as a parent coach. Listening and reflecting, offering another way of exploring and representing the family brand. Out of this comes the ability to promote values and beliefs, make decisions about what is most important without being easily distracted, and directing energy to where it is needed most.

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